Hello and welcome to our first of many blogs on Amaari Oud!

We are a specialist business with an expertise in oud fragrances. Oud (also known as agarwood) is counted as one of the most popular scents in the world today. Intense with a combination of woody raw ingredients, it is known for its long lasting aroma.

We started our journey towards Amaari Oud over a year ago with many travels abroad to ensure the best in fragrances could be brought to our customers.

Our relationship with oud can be traced as far back as childhood where we would use oud as part of traditional get togethers in our homes and to scent our clothes! It was these very experiences combined with a love for scents that brought us to developing Amaari Oud.

In today’s fast paced world, oud is used more exclusively as a perfume for many with it being an ideal gift for loved ones.

We hope you enjoy your experience on our website and in using our products.

Until next time,

Mohammed Amar and Basharit Ali 🙂


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