Scent Memories

The association of scent is embedded within the earliest of memories that one can hold making some scents much more nostalgic for the events they are associated with.

Some scents can hold the most pleasant of memories filling you with happiness, love, euphoria and joy and a longing for what once was. Indeed, some scents can also bring back memories that were deeply buried in the subconscious coming back to the conscious upon the encounter with the particular scent.

One of my earliest scent memories is related to the sweet smell of talcum powder; the scent of Far Away talcum powder to be precise! My mother would often use it and its warm, soft scent would often linger in the air long after she had left the room. In fear or uncertainty, the floral scent combined with musk and amber would sooth me as I leaned in for extra cuddles.

So when they say, ‘Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance.’ I definitely hold true to that and agree. The question is, what is your earliest memory to be associated with scent?

Share your experience below and let us know and we will share them with our fellow perfume enthusiasts on Instagram at amaarioud!


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