About Us

Our Beginnings 

Our story begins in the streets of London. Two friends in the bustling urban landscape, running from meeting to meeting, chasing deadlines, and trying to find the heart of it all. 

A profound moment of self reflection led to the rich sands of Yemen. A place that carries deep history; and a tradition of perfuming with priceless oud. 

After our time immersed in this other-worldly experience, we carried home memories scented by oud – the liquid gold of the East.

Today, we have developed a range of balanced scents that build on heart notes of oud enlivened with selected natural ingredients to create dynamic and unique blends.

Discover our range that we have lovingly created, so you can experience the scent of luxury.

– Mohammad & Basharit

“Fragrance represents an unspoken communication. Through our commitment to the craft of perfuming, we have created unique and distinct fragrances that speak for themselves.” 
– Mohammed, Co Founder, Amaari Oud

The Fragrances

The name of each fragrance is derived from natural powerful forces for the men’s range and precious jewels for the women’s range. Inspired by the power and perfection of nature, Amaari Oud encapsulates the essence of the elements. 

Each fragrance is eau de parfum, with blends of the finest natural and ethically sourced ingredients to create our collection.

Our mens and womens fragrances were created as complementary counterparts with distinct characteristics. Discover the twinned scents:

Volcano & Ruby

Rainforest & Emerald

Earth & Diamond

The Bottle

Inspired by the beautifully adorned architecture of historic buildings from Yemen and Syria, the original Amaari Oud pattern was handcrafted by artisans. This pattern now adorns every bottle.

The Case

Every fragrance is presented in a beautiful case to preserve the precious gift of Amaari Oud. Open a beautiful and contemporary treasure chest to discover the fragrance.